Dweck’s Cover-Up

New York agency Dweck & Campbell hopes to capture city residents’ attention by painting the town red–literally.
The agency is also gearing up for maximum “coverage” in its effort for wallcovering retailer Janovic, despite a $1-2 million budget.
Beginning this month, the agency and Janovic will coat buildings, plastic fruit and even a few human models with “pretty intrusive” colors, said agency chairman and creative director Michael Dweck.
The campaign strategy also tweaks New Yorkers’ habit of defacing outdoor ads. Intentionally cheesy posters for the fictitious “Hunk Man-Spray” (shown here) and “Roids” protein shakes appeared at subway entrances for a week. They were then attacked with paintball guns late at night. Eventually, the “Janovic paints New York” tagline will appear on a solid background.
So far, the shop has also paid at least five commercial landlords to have their buildings painted with Janovic offerings. “All the buildings in New York that are good for advertising are already taken,” said Dweck, who sought more surprising–and less expensive–surfaces. “Before, it was a garage door covered with grafitti,” he said. “To us, it’s media.”
–Emily Fromm