Duracell Recharges With ‘Smart Power’ TV Push

Duracell has unveiled the first TV ad for its Smart Power line of products, which includes energy efficient portable power chargers, rechargeable batteries, and LED flashlight technology.

The new commercial—now airing on network and cable programs nationwide—is the first for the brand’s Smart Power initiative, which the company claims, brings its products into the next generation. The line, for instance, includes the myGrid charging station that can charge several mobile devices at one time. Print ads for Smart Power debuted in October 2009.

In order to get its message across in the TV new spot, the Procter & Gamble-owned brand tapped wind power technicians at Iowa Lakes Community College in Estherville, Iowa, to demonstrate the role that the brand’s rechargeable batteries play in training students and keeping wind turbines operational.

“The message is that Duracell is making products that are powering those on the forefront of renewable energy, and in this case, it’s the technicians at Iowa Lakes Community College,” said Duracell rep Kurt Iverson. “To be able to connect with a group of experts who are widely recognized is a way for us to tell consumers that we’re offering them a trusted and reliable product.”

The spot opens with a young girl in a car cooling off with a small fan on a hot day. That image is contrasted with wind turbines and Iowa Lakes technicians, who are shown using Duracell-powered equipment to perform maintenance on the turbines. “Whether you’re responsible for tomorrow or enjoying the day, it just has to work. Duracell Smart Power,” the voiceover says. The ad ends with the tagline: “Trusted Everywhere,” which has been part of Duracell’s ongoing campaign over the last seven years. Duracell’s lead agency Acme Idea Co. in Norwalk, Conn., created the spot.

Duracell is showcasing its line of Smart Power products at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, along with competitor Energizer, which is also announcing a new power-efficient product at the show. Energizer will launch the Wireless Charging Pad, the new Smart Charger, an expanded Energi To Go line of chargers and new solar products. “While the product-specific marketing plans are still in the works, retailers and consumers will definitely notice an exciting new look and new offerings that are based on consumer needs and deliver solutions that keep their ‘on-the-go’ lifestyles going,” said Jim Olsen, Energizer’s vp of marketing for North America, in an email.

Duracell spent $77 million on advertising in 2008, and $45 million Jan. through Nov. of 2009, excluding online, per the Nielsen Co. Energizer Holdings’ ad spend (for all brands) was $181 million in 2008, and  $143 million Jan. through Nov. of last year.