Duracell Given ‘More Life’

BBDO Airs $50 Mil. Global Effort for Improved Battery
NEW YORK–Duracell North Atlantic Group is launching a $50 million global campaign from BBDO that introduces alkaline battery Duracell Ultra as a product that enhances the quality of people’s lives.
The New York agency’s first work for the client shies away from direct challenges to competitors such as Energizer, focusing instead on how the brand’s long life–50 percent longer than regular alkaline batteries by Duracell’s estimation–can improve consumers’ lifestyles by keeping their favorite gadgets running for longer periods. Simon Marlow, managing director at BBDO, said the campaign “will cause people to think very differently about batteries and the role batteries play in their lives.”
The 30-second spot, which broke Friday, opens with a young couple on vacation snapping shots of each other with a high-tech camera, one of the products for which Duracell Ultra has been designed. A voiceover says, “The more power, the quicker the flash, the brighter the smiles.” As they shoot, animated photos fill the screen. The next vignette shows a woman running in a desert with only her portable stereo for company. “The more power, the more music to enjoy,” the voiceover continues. Graphics of musical notes filter out of the headset. Finally, a man talks on his cellular phone in a restaurant while the words “Blah, blah, blah” circle him. “The more power, the longer the call, the more expressive the conversation,” says the voiceover. The tagline is: “More power. More life.”
The new battery will counter Energizer’s Advanced Formula battery, launched last month. Energizer parent Eveready holds a 36 percent share of the U.S. battery market, while Duracell has 42 percent, according to A.C. Nielsen.
BBDO won the consolidated $90 million global while Duracell account from Ogilvy & Mather here late last year. Ogilvy’s most recent work featured several sets of twins, with one sibling using Energizer and the other Duracell in similar appliances. The former tagline was: “Better make it Duracell.”