Dunlop Signs OWN&P

Guitar Accessories Maker Trying a New Gig
SAN FRANCISCO–Odiorne Wilde Narraway & Partners has picked up its first piece of new business for 1999 without a review. Through the personal efforts of agency principal and co-creative director Michael Wilde, the agency has been awarded an estimated $1-3 million account from Jim Dunlop USA, maker of guitar accessories.
“We think this is such a neat brand, and we’re excited about it,” said agency president and partner Wayne Buder. “But it’s Michael who deserves the credit. … He made the calls and worked the whole thing out.”
Dunlop in Benecia, Calif., makes guitar accessories such as picks, polish cloths, capos and slides. But the company may be best-known in the music world for its Crybaby wah wah pedal. Made popular in the late 1960s by musicians such as Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton, the Crybaby was one of the first and is now the most widely used sound-effects pedal of its kind in the industry.
Buder said Dunlop has never worked with an ad agency before, but has instead relied on the strength of its brand and word of mouth among musicians. OWN&P will create the client’s first ad campaign this spring, with print ads appearing in musician-oriented publications.
“Obviously, we’re going after musicians,” said Buder. “We think there is a lot of [untapped] branding potential for Jim Dunlop USA.”
In the future, Buder said, the San Francisco agency may create some online advertising for the company, which maintains a Web site at
The privately held company sells an estimated $15-20 million worth of its namesake or custom-made products annually to more than 70 countries around the globe.
Wilde and executives with Dunlop were unavailable for comment at press time.