‘Duh’ Spot Delivers for Hyundai

NEW YORK Car commercials touting special sales are usually mediocre at best, but this ad for Hyundai in a playful campaign from Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco, is so tongue-in-cheek that it comically cuts through the end-of-summer seasonal sludge. The spot showcases “the Big Duh sales event” with black Tucson, Veracruz and Santa Fe models with choreographed jetting and spinning around on a black shiny floor to the strains of the Mission Impossible theme song. The editing, camera angles and singers punctuate each note in the dramatic anthem with an exaggerated “Duh,” as the voiceover explains, “The word ‘duh,’ as in it’s obvious, a no brainer … ” and goes on to discuss the specifics of the sale. The lighthearted, jocular tone turns otherwise boring subject matter, a price pitch, into a catchy case for a car with personality.