Duffy & Shanley Invites City Folk to Rhode Island

The need to unwind in these stressful times is addressed in a new tourism campaign by Duffy & Shanley for the Rhode Island Economic Development Corp.

The ads promote the Ocean State as a weekend driving destination easily acces-sible to residents of Boston, New York and Washington, D.C.

Unlike many state tourism campaigns, which depict scenic views such as beaches or mountains, this effort emphasizes what Rhode Island can offer the urban dweller who needs to relax.

“Our creative strategy was not to talk about [Rhode Island] as a state, but what the state can do for you,” said Michael Silvia, creative director at the Providence shop.

The unwinding theme used in the new ads represents a continuation of a print and online campaign that ran last spring. Banner ads can currently be seen on nytimes.com, washingtonpost.com, boston.com and other sites.

Two similarly fashioned print ads are slated for launch in regional publications throughout the Northeast in the spring. One shows a close-up of a woman looking out a car window, the location unclear. Text reads, “Four hundred miles of coastline, a city with no limits, and all you have to do is let go.”

The other ad features a man holding a woman’s hand while running along an ocean shoreline. Copy reads, “While you may be only a few hundred miles from the office, the concept of stress suddenly seems completely foreign.”

The word “Unwound” is spread across both ads. The work urges viewers to check out the state’s tourism Web site, which is also designed by Duffy & Shanley.

A TV effort may launch in the spring, Silvia said. Duffy & Shanley has held the business since 1984.