Duffy fashions ‘Head’ lines

Wish everyone walked around with a sign on their forehead revealing what they’re really like on the inside?
In a European campaign developed by Duffy & Shanley for insurance and risk management concern FM Global, people wear just such labels. One execution features a conservative-looking man wearing a label across his forehead that reads: “Takes business advice from his imaginary friend, Coco.” The ad’s headline states: “Funny how one little label can say so much.”
Budgeted in the mid six-figures, the effort is designed to build awareness of the FM Global brand and expand its market share in western Europe.
“It’s on the cutting edge for people in the insurance business,” said Bob Newbert, chief executive of the Providence, R.I., agency.
These are the first ads that the Johnston, R.I., client has done since it was formed as a result of the 1999 merger of Allendale Mutual Insurance Co., Arkwright Mutual Insurance Co. and Protection Mutual Insurance Co. Aimed at architects, engineers and fire safety officials, the black-and-white spreads will run in publications in the U.K. and Germany. –Rebecca Flas