due recognition

There are a few rewards in advertising greater than money. For example, the “Ru Paul Cross Functional Cross-Dressing Overachiever” award. That’s one of several honors handed out at K&R MARC Chicago’s annual Employee Recognition Day. Others included the “New Biz Whiz Who Adds Just the Right Touch of Fizz,” and the “Former President and Beloved National Treasure Jimmy Carter” award.

Although the titles are tongue-in-cheek, the votes went to those deemed truly deserving, as laid out in a company memorandum that used the Goofus and Gallant characters from “Highlights” magazine to illustrate how nominations should be properly made.

Picking up the Jimmy Carter award was creative director Jim Price for his work on behalf of “Friends of Jose.” Copywriter Matt Sullivan, who prepared new business materials and pulled all-nighters in some efforts, won the “New Biz” award, while Art Director Kathy Bloom took home the Ru Paul designation for her contributions on everything from IT to billing.

Karen Hirsch