DSW Answers the Call

Breaks Ads for First Web Client, Ask Jeeves
LOS ANGELES–In the vast, impersonal world of the Internet, Euro RSCG DSW Partners is striving to make new client Ask Jeeves stand out by humanizing the service.
Named after the unflappable English valet in P.G. Wodehouse novels, the Emeryville, Calif.-based search engine (www.ask.com) offers a question-and-answer search format instead of one based on keywords or Boolean operators.
Jeeves is the information butler in TV, print and radio ads that broke earlier this summer. In one print ad, he helps a woman find information about dealing with a flat tire, and is seen standing next to her with a tandem bicycle.
Billings are estimated at $10-20 million. The agency won the business in May without a formal review.
DSW is handling media planning and buying offline. USWeb/CKS, Santa Clara, Calif., keeps online media duties.
“It was a quick turnaround,” said David Hellier, vp of marketing at the client. “We launched [the campaign] about six weeks from the day we hired them.”
The Salt Lake City agency had a connection with Ask Jeeves senior vice president and general manager Edward Briscoe, who previously worked at DSW client Iomega.
Although about 45 percent of DSW’s efforts is devoted to interactive work, Ask Jeeves is its first Internet-based client.
So far, Ask Jeeves is getting about three million hits a month.