Drossman Staff Lends A Hand

Unsuspecting staffers at Ryan Drossman & Partners were recently rounded up and fingerprinted.
So were hapless visitors stopping by the New York agency’s Fifth Avenue office.
An attempt to uncover a thief? Not at all. In fact, it was part of the creation of a new campaign for MovieFone, the film referral service. Some 30 employees and passersby were fingerprinted with kits provided by the New York Police Department. Art director Irv Klein pored over them, looking for one that had the right level of loops and whorls suitable for inserting copy.
Art director Gary McKinley’s digits were fingered for the job.
“It was the one that had the most interesting lines,” explained creative director Neil Drossman. “And we couldn’t use any the police would recognize.”
One ad (shown here) carries the tagline, “We put the movies at your fingertips.” A second ad shows a palm with the tagline, “We see a great weekend in your future.” Both will run in major newspapers including The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times. -Sloane Lucas