Droga5 Will Hire a Design Intern This Weekend, but Only Via Instagram

Competition lasts just 48 hours

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It's that time of year when the next batch of graduates and college students hunt for jobs and internships. Any design-minded students still vying for one of those coveted agency gigs might still have a chance thanks to Droga5's latest competition.

As part of its Apply Yourself internship competition, which closed its applications today, the agency is offering up a single internship in its design department for the summer. Droga5 doesn't want applicants to just send in resumes and portfolio links, though. Instead, it's hosting an Instagram competition over the weekend, #D5Extra.

Between 12 a.m. EST on Saturday, April 16 and 11:59 p.m. EST on Sunday, April 17, potential candidates can enter the competition on Instagram. The brief asks people to use the colors blue and orange to show, via Instagram, what they do when they get stuck creatively.

Using the hashtag #D5Extra, candidates can then post the image to their public accounts and include a link to their portfolios in the caption. Candidates also need to apply to the #D5Extra experiment role, which can be found here. Candidates must be a junior or graduating senior to apply for the position.

So why Instagram? Rob Trostle, executive design director for Droga5 believes that because Instagram is a visual platform "it forces you to communicate visually first and foremost." If the Instagram post is creative and well thought out, that's likely to be a good indicator of whether the candidate will be a good fit for the position.

"We want to attract the type of people we'd love to have as an intern: Digitally native, diverse talent that can work fast and can think on their feet," Trostle said. 

Jocelyn Lai, talent director at Droga5, said the competition is a great way to look beyond resumes and portfolios and get a sense of how people work on the fly. Lai said the #D5Extra competition is a way to "discover the kind of talent we want to have inside our walls."

If you're considering applying for a position, Trostle has a few tips for what he wants to see when he opens Instagram over the weekend. "We're looking for an interesting use of the medium, conceptual excellence behind the creation and something that is attention grabbing."


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