Napa Valley Register Parties Like It’s 1967

Collection of ads published in the newspaper 50 years ago this month includes one for the Kay-Von Drive-In

One way to experience sweet nostalgia this Fourth of July holiday weekend is to click through the Napa Valley Register’s fun comb-through of advertisements published in the newspaper during the month of June 1967. A time when a top sirloin steak dinner could be had at Sizzler for $1.49, a 24-pack of beer was on sale for $2.88 and “Craig’s list” was nothing more than some guy’s personal reminder sheet.

Fishbowl was struck by the ad above, for the long-gone Kay-Von Drive-In. Closed in 1981, the Kay-Von was named after KVON-AM, “The Voice of Napa.” Sharing space with the outdoor movie screen and speaker-parking spots were four transmitter towers for the station.

A housing subdivision now sits where the Kay-Von, opened in 1951, once did. Today, there are a dozen and a half drive-ins operating in California. At the not-too-far-away Hi-Way Drive-In in Santa Maria, Calif., this weekend’s double bill has a good organic fit: Cars 3.