The American Dairy Association and the National Dairy Board join forces for the first time to launch a new campaign today that delivers a message that goes beyond health benefits.
‘This advertising captures the joy of being alive, the good feelings that come from knowing you’re doing something good for yourself,’ said Bill Paul, group creative director at agency DMB&B/Chicago.
The ads proclaim, ‘When you drink milk, it shows,’ and continues to carry the tag ‘Milk. It Does a Body Good.’ The target has been broadened to include adults of all ages, income levels and ethnic backgrounds.
Dairy farmers, whose taxes support both groups, asked the ADA and NDB for a single marketing effort to better utilize ad dollars, said Gordon McDonald, ADA svp/advertising and marketing services.
The result is increased spending and a first-ever network TV buy. Approximately $17 million will be spent on primetime and network news programs and another $15 million is earmarked for tv and radio spot advertising.
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