DraftFCB Forms Connect Tech Practice

CHICAGO Interpublic Group’s DraftFCB has created a 16-person practice to help the agency’s pharmaceutical clients develop more engaging sales presentation materials via closed-loop marketing programs available on tablet PCs.

The unit, called Connect Tech, will be a part of the agency’s specialized practice, DraftFCB Healthcare. The division will specialize in creating presentations customized to the top three CLM platforms, which are used by sales representatives in doctor’s offices. The agency is believed to be the first to develop a practice dedicated to CLM programming, said Harold Corbran, chief operating officer at DraftFCB Healthcare.

While agencies have long put collateral material on CD-ROMs for sales reps in the past, the interactive nature of the presentation software—which can anticipate and answer doctors’ questions in real-time during the presentation—requires more specificity than the agency previously delivered, Corbran said.

“The platforms are relatively straightforward once someone is trained on it. But to really make it work, you need someone who has worked on it day after day,” Corbran said. “With Connect Tech, we’re able to put together best practices to help ensure the materials will move through regulatory and legal review with ease.”

A key driver for the 16-person unit is DraftFCB Healthcare client Merck, which has switched all of its sales calls to CLM systems, Corbran said. The agency has already created several presentations for the client and Bristol-Myers Squibb.

The unit’s mission, however, is to move beyond roster clients and work for other companies that may require Connect Tech’s specialized knowledge. “This is absolutely going to grow into a stand-alone capability,” Corbran said.