Draftfcb Expands Its Relationship With Dow

Draftfcb has expanded its relationship with Dow Chemical, adding creative duties on the company’s new line of solar panels after a review, the Interpublic Group shop said.

The other contenders and billings were not disclosed.

Draftfcb, which has worked for Dow since 2006, will handle the assignment out of its Chicago office. That office also handles corporate image duties on Dow. The new task comes out of the company’s Dow Solar Solutions group.

In making the selection, Jane Palmieri, managing director of Dow Solar Solutions, cited Draftfcb’s “forward-thinking business solutions.”

The panels can be installed alongside conventional shingles. Dubbed Dow Powerhouse Solar Shingles, the panels will be introduced in limited quantities in mid-2010 and be available more widely next year, according to Dow.

“Dow’s goal is to make solar power as common as indoor plumbing or electricity, and we’re thrilled to be their partners in helping to build a culture of environmental sustainability,” said Draftfcb North American president Mark Modesto.

Because the assignment is new, there is no media spending history. On other efforts, Dow spent nearly $20 million in major measured media during the first 11 months of 2009 and about $25 million in all of 2008, according to Nielsen. Those figure don’t include online spending.