Draft: Verizon’s More Able Than Cable

CHICAGO Verizon Online looks to identify the differences between cable and DSL broadband service in a new campaign from Draft.

Two new television commercials from the agency’s New York office breaking today in 20 markets depict consumers who decide that Verizon is a better choice for broadband Internet service than their cable company. In the spots, the fictitious consumers hear about cable TV’s hidden fees and limited service offerings.

In one spot, a consumer learns that he will be charged nearly $45 per computer to be linked to the Internet, only to find that Verizon will charge significantly less. When the consumer opts for Verizon, longtime spokesperson James Earl Jones says, “That’s an easy call.”

The campaign will employ radio and online components as well.

Spending on the effort was not disclosed. The client spent nearly $30 million on advertising through October 2003, according to TNS Media Intelligence/CMR.