Draft Presents CME’s World of Ideas

CHICAGO Draft touts the Chicago Mercantile Exchanges global electronic futures products in a new print campaign breaking this week.

The print effort from the Chicago agency, breaking in financial newspapers and publications in the U.S., Asia and Europe, is themed “Ideas that change the world.” The ads put images of a globe in unexpected places. One shows a globe in place of a light bulb under the headline, “Some ideas light the world.” Others show a globe wrapped around a race car and an elephant.

“Our creative teams have come up with an idea that literally reshapes the world and dynamically illustrates the way CME continues to change the futures marketplace,” said Megan O’Connor, group account director at the agency, in a statement. “The concept that CME’s ideas change the world is what sets them apart from the rest.”

Draft last year broke its first effort for the Chicago-based trading market under the theme, “CME Now,” showcasing its variety of investment offerings and round-the-clock schedule.

Campaign spending was not disclosed. Billings have been estimated at $5-10 million.