Dove Is Touting Its New Partnership With Shonda Rhimes During ABC’s TGIT Tonight

A 30-second spot will appear during Grey's Anatomy and Scandal

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Shonda Rhimes announced a partnership with Dove earlier this spring. Now the first work from that partnership, a short film called “Meet Cathleen,” is online. To get Shondaland fans to tune in, the beauty brand has a new 30-second spot airing on ABC tonight during the season finales of Rhimes’ shows Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal.

“We know 69 percent of women don’t see themselves reflected on screens,” said Nick Soukas, vp of Dove, in an email. “Dove is on a mission to change that with Real Beauty Productions. We wanted to reach people with the first film from Dove, in collaboration with Shonda Rhimes, in a powerful environment for women and television.”

Added Soukas: “TGIT is a pivotal moment for fans of Shonda, who shares stories that inspire a transformative view of #RealBeauty through her shows. We felt it was the perfect way to broadly share the mission of Dove Real Beauty Productions, introduce Cathleen’s story, and encourage viewers to join us to expand the world’s definition of real beauty.”

The spot, from agencies Edelman and United Entertainment Group, is the brand’s first Real Beauty spot in two years. Both were created by all-female crews.

While the short film “Meet Cathleen” doesn’t have heavy Dove branding the 30-second spot does because “the 30-second spot and the film each have different roles,” explained Soukas. “The 30-second spot communicates that there is a gap between how women are depicted on screen and how they see themselves. The definition of beauty is evolving faster than the industry can keep up with, and the TV spot lets women know that Real Beauty Productions set out to change that.”

“However, the films from Real Beauty Productions feature real stories, by real women,” said Soukas. “We wanted to ensure the film was truly representative of Cathleen’s story and journey—from her words to moments from her life. Dove believes the film should celebrate Cathleen, and share her body positive message.”

See the full short below:

@KristinaMonllos Kristina Monllos is a senior editor for Adweek.