Doughboy Pitched to Industry

Clarity Coverdale Fury offers up the Pillsbury Doughboy as a food service operator’s best employee in a new campaign for the company’s Bakeries and Foodservice Division.

The ads are an effort to broaden Pillsbury’s perception, beyond its consumer brands, with the food service industry.

“We’re trying to say to food service operators that the doughboy belongs in the food service kitchen,” said Jac Coverdale, the Minneapolis agency’s creative director. “They don’t generally look at Pillsbury as an innovative, nimble company that provides those kind of things.”

The first phase of the campaign, currently appearing in trade magazines, features a résumé for the Doughboy that boasts, “Even though I’m only 8 3/4 inches tall, I can carry a heavy workload on my shoulders.” The vitae goes on to say that the character has won “several prestigious culinary awards” and that he was “born to work in the kitchen.”

The campaign introduces a new tagline for the foodservice division, “There’s a lot the Doughboy can do.”

The initial ad will be followed by a series of product-specific advertising.

The Pillsbury Doughboy (real name Popin’ Fresh) was created by Leo Burnett in 1965. Billings for the trade campaign were not disclosed.