DoubleClick Updates DART

DoubleClick is introducing the most significant facelift to its Web-based ad-management service, DART, since its inception in 1996.

The New York-based interactive ad firm today unveiled DART 5, the enhancement to DoubleClick’s widely used ad-management platform. The company also introduced its mobile ad-serving technology, mDART.

The core infrastructure of the DART 5 service will remain the same as earlier versions, said Ebrahim Keshavarz, vp of product and business dev el opment at DoubleClick. The user interface, how ever, has been completely re-engineered. With the new interface, customers using DART 5 can more efficiently traffic campaigns and instantly access campaign infor mation.

Unlike previous iterations of DART, DART 5 supports the new, larger online ad units, as well as all media-player types and content from rich-media vendors. Built on an XML-based architecture, which is more flexible than HTML, version 5 allows for client customization and can be integrated into existing business systems.

The changes to DART, which were made based on feedback from publishers, advertisers, agencies and industry experts, should save the customer time, Keshavarz said.

Upgrades to DART 5 are free for existing customers, and 50 cli ents have already deployed the new platform. Don Luu, media traffic manager at San Francisco-based i-shop SF Interactive, said DART 5’s most significant advantage is its enhanced speed. “It’s a lot quicker,” he said. “The old [service] was always very slow.”

Jim Nail, senior analyst at Forrester Research in Cambridge, Mass., said the user-interface changes are more than simply cosmetic. “There are some good substantive additions to the product that should streamline the DART management process,” he said.

In addition to the rollout of DART 5, DoubleClick will now support mobile advertising for advertisers and publishers with its mDART platform. The service offers a way for publishers and advertisers to “get their feet wet” without much financial risk, Keshavarz said. DoubleClick currently serves millions of ads worldwide to mobile devices such as PDAs and WAP-enabled wireless phones.