Double Take

When Nabisco made its Fig Newton cookies more moist, it asked Foote, Cone & Belding to create a new tagline for existing spots which tout the new recipe.
Rather than simply alter the line, however, group creative directors Bob Neuman, a copywriter, and Bob Phillips, an art director, went one step further, revamping an old storyline. “We wanted to do a tag that felt like a part of the commercial,” said Neuman.
They embellished a past spot that was part of Fig Newtons’ “The Brits” campaign. It featured a boy and his nanny eating Fig Newtons with their tea. The nanny quietly dumps a plate of Newtons into her purse rather than part with them.
Senior producer Paddy Giordano found actress Josephine Tewson, who stars in the British TV show Keeping Up Appearances, to reprise her role as the Newton thief. A new closing shot was added, with Tewson in different clothes sitting on a park bench.
Her purse is still filled with Newtons, indicating she’s still a big fan. As she closes the purse, water squirts from it–to indicate just how moist the new snacks are.
–Sloane Lucas