Double Loss For Doner

Shop Stops Work for Bank; Caliber Suspends Ads
WASHINGTON, D.C.–W.B. Doner of Baltimore has ceased work on the $1-2 million First National Bank of Maryland (FNB) account and the like-sized Caliber Learning Network.
Sources confirmed that Doner walked away from Baltimore-based FNB because of creative differences with the client.
“We could not come to an agreement about how to do good work,” one of the sources said.
FNB had been a Doner client since September 1994.
Agency president and general manager Tony Everett declined to comment on the split. FNB officials declined comment.
Doner client Caliber Learning Network, a division of Sylvan Learning Centers of Baltimore, has decided to stop advertising as it reorganizes, according to sources. The shop, which handles $7-10 million worth of Sylvan business, hopes to reclaim the account in the future, sources said.
Neither FNB nor Caliber has announced a formal review, although the former is clearly “shopping” its account through informal discussions with agencies.
Doner acquired Caliber when it was awarded the Sylvan account last summer. At that time, Sylvan incumbent Richardson, Myers & Donofrio, also of Baltimore, had hoped to retain that part of the business.
It was Everett’s success at heading Doner Direct and gaining plum accounts like Sylvan that led the shop to become a direct response, or “brand response,” agency last spring. Doner laid off staffers and redirected others to its headquarters outside Detroit as that restructuring took place.
John Parlato, executive vice president and executive creative director in Baltimore, was originally transferred to Southfield, Mich., along with co-general manager Jon Tracosas. Since then, however, Everett confirmed that Parlato has decided to work on Detroit accounts from Baltimore.