Donovan Updates the Conservative

Bows “Contemporary’ Campaign for 70-Year-Old Investment Client
BOSTON-Donovan Group plays off the sensational tone of many investment news headlines in its first work for Lord, Abbett & Co., a New York-based investment management firm.
“The concept,” said agency president Michael Donovan, “is to take [Lord, Abbett] from the perception of being very conservative value investors and move them forward with a more contemporary look and feel without losing that heritage.”
The campaign includes five spread ads scheduled to appear through the fall in business publications such as Barron’s and The Wall Street Journal and trade publications including On Wall Street and Research.
Rendered against a white background, headlines reflect the market’s current turbulence. “Hot Funds! Sizzling Funds! High Octane Funds!” reads one ad. The visual shows a man standing on the street with a megaphone in his hand. The subhead reads: “For crying out loud, everyone calm down before you hurt yourselves.”
Eight radio spots-running in 60- and 30-second formats and featuring a single narrator-highlight Lord, Abbett’s 70 years of sound, value-oriented investment principles.
“The Whirleybird. The Heartstopper,” intones the voiceover in one spot. “These fear-inducing rides are fun at the country fair. But fear doesn’t belong in a financial portfolio. So consider this name: Lord, Abbett. We focus on a careful balance of risk and reward. Fear belongs at the fair. It has no place with us.”
Listeners are encouraged to contact their financial planner or Lord, Abbett’s toll-free telephone number at the close of each spot.
Creative director Jay Nelson led the Donovan Group team, which included art director Pam Leary and copywriter Kirk Etherton, who recently joined the shop. The Lord, Abbett account is managed by Susie Kish Estella.
The Northborough, Mass., agency was awarded the estimated $2 million assignment last July based primarily on its experience in the financial services arena, including work for Loomis Sayles Funds and Fidelity Institutional Retirement Services Co.