Doner’s Penniston Moves to O’Leary

LOS ANGELES Scott Penniston has traded in Mazdas for motorbikes, moving from Doner to neighboring independent O’Leary & Partners, he confirmed.

Penniston was senior vice president and director of media at the independent Doner in Newport Beach, Calif. He assumes the same position at O’Leary, reporting to president Jim Harrington and CEO Dave Robinson.

“This was an opportunity to be with people for whom I have great admiration,” said Penniston. “It’s what I was looking for, a small agency, quick to react, with smart people.”

Penniston was at Doner for two years after nearly a decade at Interpublic Group’s Foote Cone & Belding, Irvine, Calif. Prior to that, he worked in the media departments at Grey on Mitsubishi and an earlier stint at FCB, where he first worked on Kawasaki. “I enjoy the [motorcycle] category.” Penniston said. “They are a great client.”

“Now more than ever, the enthusiast magazines are important,” Penniston said. “In the past they’ve been limited to subscriptions, but now their world is alive. It is no longer just about the page, but about the Web site, content, the whole category increasing in presence. I’m excited about it.”

Penniston said his goal at the agency is to concentrate on “the three screens: TV, computers, and cell phones. We’re seeing a conversion of all three, and not just in one-way content, but in how they react via the third screen. The opportunities for the cell phone will change even the likes of interactive advertising, and we’re building media plans based on that.”

Penniston said the Super Bowl is a good example of the new media landscape. “What you see is a greater convergence between interactive and television,” he said. “The real Super Bowl is now Monday, when people react to what they saw on Sunday.”

O’Leary also handles Fantastic Sam’s, Bimbo Bakery and WD40 as clients.