Doner Zeroes In For Detroit Medical Center

A Single Hospital, Not System, Gets Push In Latest Work
DETROIT(Eth)A new campaign for the Detroit Medical Center from W.B. Doner & Co., Southfield, Mich., is for a single hospital in the system, the first time advertising has not taken a blanket approach.
Past ad efforts have touted the physicians and beneficent care of patients throughout the DMC system. The new approach focuses on the attributes of a specific hospital, according to David Kiley, a Doner representative.
This campaign focuses on Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital in Commerce, Mich., which is in the midst of an expansion project that will double its size. The aim of the advertising is to position Huron Valley-Sinai as a premier hospital that offers a wide array of services, Kiley said. The campaign includes one 30-second TV spot that breaks this week, as well as three print ads and two direct mail pieces.
The TV spot opens with a view of the Earth from outer space. The camera gradually zooms in, providing a free-fall effect as the viewer first sees North American and then Michigan. The voice- over discusses various attributes of the expanded Huron Valley-Sinai and its state-of-the art equipment. The final scene shows the DMC logo and the tagline: “Because you should not have to go the extra mile for exceptional healthcare. That’s our job.”
The TV flight runs through the end of November, while print will run over the next several weeks. The first direct mail piece will be dropped in December while the second follows in early 1999.
DMC’s ad plans for 1999 are still being finalized, and it is not clear whether similar campaigns will be created for the system’s seven other hospitals.
The DMC operates eight hospitals, two nursing centers and more than 130 outpatient facilities. Doner has been agency of record on the $2 million account for nearly five years.
Separately, Doner Detroit is assisting the shop’s direct mail division, Doner Direct in Baltimore, in launching a national campaign for Teligent, which is located in Vienna, Va.