Doner Sets Ads for Mills’ Malls

Doner is set to break new work for shopping malls owned by the Mills Corp.

The campaign includes two 30-second TV spots, radio, print, outdoor and direct mail. It continues “The Mills effect” theme launched last spring, using humorous situations to demonstrate the purported transformation that consumers ex-perience when shop-ping at a Mills mall, said Jamie Michelson, vice president and account director at the Southfield, Mich., agency.

The campaign will be customized for each market to feature specific tenants in each of the malls, Michelson said. Spots will run through the end of the year to support the holiday season. TV breaks July 30 on cable and network in each of its 12 markets.

The Arlington, Va.-based Mills spends an estimated $8-10 million annually.

One spot opens on a couple talking with detectives about the strange behavior of their neighbors. They all watch the exuberant neighbors dancing and removing packages from their car. Interspersed are shots of Mills storefronts.

The spot closes with the grumpy husband character yelling across the street to his neighbors: “What’s wrong with you people,” followed by a shot of the Mills property logo.

The outdoor and print feature tabloid-like headlines used to describe “The Mills Effect.” One outdoor board reveals the tabloid headline, “Man leaves couch. mills effect suspected.”