Doner Promises Men No-Sweat Gem Buying

CHICAGO Doner targets men nervous to buy jewelry in a new national campaign for Helzberg Diamonds breaking Monday.

The television and radio campaign uses humor to illustrate the anxiety and pressure men experience when shopping for fine jewelry. One spot follows a drop of perspiration down a man’s forehead as a voiceover from Kelsey Grammar expresses the fear he feels that he might be paying too much for a diamond ring. The commercial goes on to express that the Kansas City, Mo., company’s Diamonds’ Value Promise guarantees the lowest price everyday and is an effective “antiperspirant.”

The campaign launches a new tagline for the jewelry retailer, “Confidence comes in a burgundy box,” highlighting the company’s signature gift box.

Other spots show a man twitching from nervousness at paying too much and the panic of a procrastinating buyer, “Shopper Lastminitus.” The television spots will air on broadcast and cable network programming through the holiday season.

Doner of Southfield, Mich., won the estimated $10 million campaign last October following a review that included Carmichael Lynch in Minneapolis, The Richards Group of Dallas and former incumbent Earle Palmer Brown in New York. Helzberg has 250 jewelry stores in 35 states.