Doner Juice Ads Set

Coca-Cola’s new not-from-concentrate juice entry, Simply Orange, hopes to steal some of Tropicana’s thunder with the help of new TV ads from Doner that hit North east markets on June 11.

Coke hopes this attack on PepsiCo’s Tropicana will fare better than Minute Maid, which is being outsold by Tropicana 7-to-1 in the Northeast.

“[Taking on Tropicana] is not impossible, but it’s a huge challenge. The product’s success will depend on their commitment,” said Caroline Levy, beverage analyst for UBS Warburg, New York.

Marketing executives at Simply Orange, which hit shelves May 1, have vowed to outspend Tropicana in the Northeast in an effort to pull down its competitors share. Tropicana spent $65 million last year on media in the U.S, according to Competitive Media Reporting.

Running through December, three 30-second and two 15-second spots from Doner bear the tagline “Simply Orange, 100% un fooled around with.” The ads, which target women 25 and older, feature beauty shots of oranges and groves.

Consumer promotions, sampling ef forts and a public-relations push will support the tele vision buy. New creative will be rolled out in January.

“We wanted to communicate to consumers that this is the closest to the fresh-squeezed experience,” said Bobby Patton, marketing manager for the product.

Simply Orange is a division of Coke’s Minute Maid, but it will eventually fall under the aegis of the newly formed Coke/Procter & Gamble partnership.