Domino's Launches 'Real Beauty' Campaign for Pizza

Continuing its deconstruction of pizza marketing, Domino’s this week is launching a campaign and a contest around the idea that its pizzas don’t need photo retouching to look appetizing.
In what could be considered an adaption of Dove’s Real Beauty campaign for the pizza category, Domino’s has announced that all its pizzas in TV, print and online ads will be free of any Photoshop trickery.
The campaign, via Crispin, Porter + Bogusky, also includes a Web site, called “Show Us Your Pizza,” where consumers are encouraged to load their own naked pizza photos. The chain has promised $500 to anyone whose photo is used in an ad.
The effort follows last year’s “Pizza Turnaround” campaign, where CEO Patrick Doyle acknowledged some complaints about Domino’s pizza, and announced a new recipe. The campaign is also a response to Web sites like “This is Why You’re Fat” that show unflinching photos of real food orders that contrast with the more idyllic images found in advertising.