DOMINO effect

Lotus Development Corp. used dominos — about 15,000 of them–to motivate its sales force to topple the competition in selling the company’s Domino Web software.

Boston-based Envision, which specializes in meetings and events, brought in expert domino builder Bobby Speca, who set up the tiles at Lotus’ annual sales meeting in Los Angeles.

Some 1,600 sales executives watched via closed-circuit television as Speca arranged the dominos during the meeting. On the final day, one executive was picked to tip the first domino.

It took a full five minutes for all of the dominos to tumble. Five of the dominos were positioned to fall on enter keys on computer keyboards. That, in turn, prompted Web pages to be loaded, said Envision chairman chairman and creative director Werner Low.

If only knocking over the competition were as easy.

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