Doing Unto Themselves

It may not be the way most morning radio hosts promote their programs, but the “Sam Malone and the Morning Show” team on KRBE-FM in Houston may have something here.
Instead of tasteless jokes on national tragedies in the headlines, why not an ad campaign filled with self-deprecation?
In several new 15- and 30-second spots from Stan & Lou Advertising in Houston, Malone and his sidekicks like Maria Todd poke fun at themselves in discussing behind-the-scenes details.
In one ad, Todd discusses how the 6 a.m. start allows little care in personal appearance as Malone primps his hair in the men’s room.
Malone returns the favor by discussing Todd’s investigative journalism skills, which include snacking while perusing supermarket tabloids.
Not all the spots keep it above the belt. Malone makes a reference to Monica Lewinsky’s weight loss of 240 pounds–when she was dumped by President Clinton.
–Glen Fest