Dodge Debuts ‘Letterbox’ on Farewell ‘Friends’

DETROIT Dodge will launch advertising for its new Magnum car during the high-profile final episode of Friends this Thursday on NBC.

The spot, “Letterbox,” was created by BBDO in Detroit and features a clever use of the letterbox format often used to broadcast wide-screen cinematic films on television.

The ad opens in the letterbox format, with the Magnum being driven aggressively along a winding country road. The back half of the vehicle is not visible. At the end of the spot, the camera pulls back, the car comes to a halt, and the driver gets out and walks toward the camera. He disassembles the letterbox frame, revealing the Magnum’s lift gate. He then tosses the black bars into the back of the car, and the voiceover says, “Velocity meets versatility. The all-new Dodge Magnum. Open it up from either end.”

Spending for the campaign was not disclosed, but a 30-second slot on the last episode of Friends is selling for $2 million.