Doctor Is in at Nissan

Nissan, touting its 2002 Altima Sedan as an antidote for ennui, will use a medical prescription motif in a print and outdoor campaign breaking next week.

The theme is outlined in the new tag: “Totally new V6 Altima. The Cure is Coming.”

The campaign, via TBWA/Chiat/Day, Playa Del Rey, Calif., features copy that plays off of drug contra-indications and side effects, like: “Do not take in combination with other stimulants,” “May impair your ability to drive other cars,” and “Side effects: dry mouth, wet palms.” Attached business reply cards read: “Yes, I would like 24-hour relief from the tedium I feel in my current car.”

Full-page ads, targeted at the 30-40 age group demo, will break in August and September issues of consumer magazines such as Details, Food and Wine, GQ, Vanity Fair and Wired.

Nissan spent $488.6 million on measured media for all of its nameplates last year; $6.4 million went toward Altima. In the first five months of 2001, the company has spent $5.4 million on Altima, $136.1 million overall, per CMR.