The results are in: The “global number of Diesel Individuals who dream of participating in Miss or Mister Universe” is 55, according to a new ad for the clothing brand.

In the print execution, a scantily clad woman leans forward. A globe appears behind her, with tiaras marking where the pageant hopefuls pre sum ably reside.

The effort, by Diesel’s in-house crea tive team with support from Kes sels Kramer in Amsterdam, Netherlands, is part of a global campaign that pokes fun at market research. Each ad bears the headline, “The global Diesel individuals market research.”

In another execution, shots of guys in various stances are placed on a grid. The text: “Psycho-graphical analysis of ways in which Diesel Individuals put their hands in their pockets.”

One subject, labeled the “passive type,” has his back turned, a thumb in his pocket. Another, the “aggressive type,” faces forward with both thumbs in his pockets.

The intent: to use irony to show that “Diesel [can] solve any kind of problems,” said Maurizio Marchiori, vp of marketing for Diesel USA.

Ads are appearing in February issues of Vibe, Nylon and Vogue, among others. Outdoor is also included, and TV spots are slated to air in April or May.