DNP Begins 54th Year as Bank’s Agency

ATLANTA Davis Newman Payne said it is set to launch its latest work for its client of 53 years, Home Federal Bank.

The Knoxville, Tenn., agency developed two 30-second television commercials that focus on the local institution’s relationship to Knoxville and its contributions to the city’s growth, the shop said. Both spots will air on local stations later this month.

“Hometown Drive” is shot from the perspective of a driver touring local landmarks throughout. “Still Life” portrays the lifestyles and aspirations of local customers by showing home interiors and personal objects without any onscreen talent.

Victor McLean, current owner of Davis Newman Payne, has worked on the Home Federal Bank business since 1972. He said that the account was the agency’s first when it opened in 1950. The new campaign marks the beginning of DNP’s 54th year as agency of record for Home Federal, added McLean.

“We have been fortunate to have established a strategy for this client that withstands the tests of time,” McLean said. “Our tagline, ‘American dreams, hometown answers,’ puts it all in a nutshell.”

McLean said his goal with the new campaign is to keep the strategy fresh and vibrant, and use it to attract new customers. Campaign spending was not disclosed.