DMA Establishes ‘Green’ Program for Marketers

In an effort to acclimate companies involved in direct marketing with best-case scenarios in the area of “green” marketing, the Direct Marketing Assn. said it would conduct a series of programs covering environmental issues.

According to DMA, an 11-course curriculum, “Environmentally Responsible Marketing,” will enable marketers to “gain knowledge and tools to consider environmental outcomes in their overall direct marketing planning, strategy, and tactical decision-making.” The program is scheduled to launch Dec. 1, 2008 and run through October 2009. All courses will be offered in live online briefings and at various DMA conferences in 2009. All courses-both online and those offered at DMA conferences-will be recorded and offered to enrolled professionals online and on-demand after the event. Marketers who complete the 11-course curriculum will earn an ERM Certificate.

The first course on Dec. 1 is called “The DMA Environmentally Responsible Marketing Certificate: Build a Long-Term, Sustainable Environmental Policy or Program.” Other courses include: Understanding Product and Process Life Cycles: Evaluating Alternatives in Marketing Strategic Planning and Execution”; “The DMA Green: Strategies to Improve Efficiency & Help the Environment”; “Eco-Beautify Your Marketing Campaigns: Sustainable Design & Production” (scheduled for April 22, Earth Day, 2009); and “Avoid Green Fatigue & ‘Greenwashing’:  Rules & Regulations for Making Environmental Marketing Claims.”

“The faculty for this curriculum is drawn from marketing professionals and others who represent a diverse set of companies and organizations,” Senny Boone, svp-corporate and social responsibility at the DMA, New York, said in a statement. “Many of them are members of DMA’s Board-level CESR, or are highly experienced in environmental compliance for their respective organizations.  This program will empower professionals to examine the environmental impact of the marketing process for better results.”