David Fuller, director of client services at The Brownstein Group in Philadelphia, takes brand immersion seriously. That’s how he found himself on the wrong side of the glass of the shark tank at agency client New Jersey State Aquarium.

Fuller, 29, who joined the shop last October, was touring the aquarium with marketing executives when he saw the shark tank.

“I saw kids standing around in amazement,” he said, “and decided to go down there and get that kind of view.”

In the name of “getting closer to the customer,” Fuller, a certified scuba diver, took the plunge into the tank. Though he called the sharks he saw “beautiful … 11-foot-long muscle with teeth,” what really stuck with him were the children’s faces on the other side of the glass.

“The kids were just in complete wonder and amazement,” he said. “Out of that, we came up with new positioning [for the aquarium]—how the aquarium is a feeding frenzy for the imagination.”

Now that—not Fuller himself—is food for thought.