Dish Network “Dishmas”

The last thing most companies need is to embroil themselves in a controversy that has religious overtones. As such, we can surmise that many marketers are praying (or, if they prefer, secularly hoping) not to get sucked into the annual fracas about whether to say “Merry Christmas” or “Happy holidays.” Dish Network manages to finesse the matter in a cheerful spot (created in-house) that features the company’s employees revising a popular carol as they sing, “We Dish you a Merry Christmas.” Partisans of the “Merry Christmas” approach will feel that Dish Network has come down on their side, while those on the other side — plus those who couldn’t care less one way or another – will scarcely feel that the company has become a culture-war combatant by inserting its brand name into an innocuous carol. People who don’t celebrate Christmas would have to go far out of their way to feel at all offended by this good-natured tribute to the holiday. As for the quality of the singing…. Well, let’s just say that Dish Network’s employees shouldn’t quit their day jobs. –Mark Dolliver