Directors Make ‘Magic’ in Dreams 2004

NEW YORK Ten directors displayed their take on the theme “Magic” in short films ranging from dark comedy to mystical fantasies at Young & Rubicam’s Sony Dreams 2004 showcase here on Monday.

Tom Godsall of Biscuit Filmworks directed Keep Right, which showed two shady characters with guns chasing each other through a parking facility. When one seems to be cornered, the other aims his gun and yells, “Blam! Blam! Blam!” It becomes clear the two are playing a children’s game and they start bickering. One says he wasn’t shot because he was wearing a “magic jacket,” and the other counters, saying he had a “magic bullet.”

Stacy Wall of Epoch Films directed a version of an old joke he had pestered his friends with for years, he said afterward at a reception. His film, titled El Mago, tells the story of a man at a bar doing magic tricks. When he asks the bartender to hit him hard on the head with a baseball bat as part of a trick, seemingly disastrous results occur.

Hype Williams of RSA had the most self-referential piece, chronicling his attempt to make a film for the series. RSA producer Jules Daly plays herself, attempting to convince Williams to make the film. He makes an attempt, but then realizes what is most important—his daughter—and goes home to shoot scenes of her playing with him.

Other directors with shorts in the program included David Cornell of Headquarters, with a film starring his two daughters; Matthias Hoene of Partizan, with a film about a man encountering trouble on the way to meet his girlfriend; Tool of North America’s Erich Joiner, whose short showed a little girl fixing breakfast for a seemingly lifeless pet dog; Dante Ariola of MJZ, who directed a film about a sidewalk magician; Elma Garcia of MJZ, who chronicled the life of a blind boy who received a guide dog; Erick Ifergan of Believe Media, who showed people unexpectedly levitating; and Jonathan Darby of Original Film, who told the story of a boy who sees his dead sister in a dream.

All films were shot with Sony’s high-definition 24P CineAlta digital cameras.

This is the third year of the series. Previous themes included “Dreams” and “Joy.”