A Directorial Debut For Olmos

Actor Edward James Olmos will urge Hispanics to stand and deliver, this time for the 2000 Census, in his debut as a commercial director.
Entitled, “Sin Miedo” (Without Fear) Olmos’ spot is one of three New York-based The Bravo Group is developing. The work is part of the $100 million U.S. Census Bureau account that Bravo parent Y&R in New York won in 1997.
The spot shows Hispanics in all walks of life as a voiceover warns that undercounted minorities will be underserved by government. Hispanics have traditionally been suspicious of government officials’ attempts to collect data on them.
Olmos (shown here) may end up doing the voiceover as well, Bravo president/creative director Daisy Esposito said.
Spots will break in November.
“[Olmos] has a tremendous social conscience and he’s done some limited work in direction. This is his commercial debut,” Esposito said.
–James Zoltak