A Direct Threat

Talk About Getting Bang For The Buck.
KSV in Burlington, Vt., fashioned a direct mail piece touting its recently renamed new media unit, Ignition Interactive. The piece was a 15-inch-long, fiery red mailing tube with a three-inch rope at the top resembling a fuse.
Officials at Women and Infants Hospital in Providence, R.I., who had worked with Ignition when it was known as XL Interactive but were unfamiliar with the new name and return address stamped on the mailer, mistook the piece for an explosive device. The hospital had received a bomb threat the day before and when the execution arrived, staffers were not about to take any chances.
The bomb squad, complete with sniffing dogs, X-ray devices and a containment truck, were called to the scene. After hours of inspection and tests, they determined that it was safe to open the package. Inside, they found a flyer and T-shirt, thankfully ending the episode with a whimper. –David Gianatasio