DiNoto Lee Airs Mistic Work

DiNoto Lee’s debut TV spot for its first and largest client, Triarc Beverage Group, gives fruit drink Mistic a new tagline and features hip-hop diva Foxy Brown.
The work retains the slightly offbeat, urban feel of previous commercials by Deutsch here. DiNoto Lee’s spot, however, is paced faster and has a humorous plot.
In the 30-second spot, Brown appears as the doorwoman of a hip nightclub, called Living Delicious. She accepts or rejects hopefuls from a line of would-be patrons, welcoming anyone who can name a Mistic flavor.
Two guys pass. A third, in an open-collared shirt and chain necklace, is pushed back after failing to say the magic words. “Avocado banana?” he says. “I don’t think so,” says Brown, her arms folded and eyes rolling in dismay. “Broccoli honeydew?” he guesses, before being dismissed.
The dialogue is cut with shots of party animals dancing and sitting in a strawberry hot tub and a man getting a massage. The tag: “Living delicious.” The spot breaks nationally in May.
“The club is a metaphor for a sensual experience,” shop principal Greg DiNoto said. “It’s about flash and high-taste experiences.” DiNoto, the former creative chief at Deutsch, also worked on that shop’s last work for the client, which featured Dennis Rodman and the tagline: “Show your colors.”
The account is worth about $7 million, sources said.
Most brands in the category saw sales decline in the 52 weeks ending March 1, per Information Resources. Mistic’s dipped 8.5 percent.