Dinosaur Hunters, Apply Here

Headshot of Tim Nudd

Turok is not some new British model or one of Prince Harry’s ladyfriends. But the name is getting hipper by the minute in the U.K., says one video game maker.

That’s because Acclaim Entertain ment says it is offer ing five lucky souls £500 (almost $800) each to legally change their names to Turok for a year to promote the new game Turok: Evolution.

As if cash and the prestige of sharing a name with an American Indian warrior who goes back in time to battle evil robotic dinosaurs weren’t enough, Acclaim says it will also give each Turok a Microsoft Xbox console and all five Turok games.

“It’s a great way to get Turok talked about, by having people name themselves after the character and walk around talking about it,” says Shaun White, a company rep.

A Web site, www.myname isturok.co.uk, has been deluged, mainly by Brits. But one thing the Turoks won’t get to do is meet their name sake. “Dropping people down worm holes would be expen sive,” says White.

The promo, said to be deve loped by a certain Dr. Simeon Cantrell (author of Market Their Pants Off!), has the U.K. abuzz, and White swears up and down it’s for real. Still, Acclaim has perpe trated a hoax or two in its time. And consider this: Shoptalk was told Cantrell is “in Australia” and hard to reach, and a search on the ISBN number given for his book pulls up another title by another author: My First Knock, Knock Joke Book.

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.