dining decadence

Gearon Hoffman positions the Fairmont Copley Plaza’s Oak Room as “Boston’s most impressive steak house” in a new print campaign.

One ad reads, “Technically, we’re a steak house. But the term steak palace may be more fitting.” Another says, “If you want to impress someone, take them to the Oak Room. If you want to bowl them over, stay for dinner.” Yet another reads: “Perfect for all occasions. Birthdays. Business meetings. Inaugurations.”

The tagline is, “Impeccably decadent.”

The effort, which has begun breaking in local newspapers and magazines, features images of the restaurant’s posh interior and text distinguishing it from other steak houses cropping up in town. Boston’s Gearon Hoffman has been working with the client since the summer on a project basis.

“Our goal is to position the restaurant as a high-end, high-quality experience,” said Seana Crellin, account supervisor at Gearon Hoffman.