Dilworth Leaves Arnold Ingalls for Web Challenge

When his contract as president of Arnold Ingalls Moranville in San Francisco came up for renewal, Ed Dilworth opted not to renew. Instead, the entrepreneur is launching a new company, GiantHeads, to develop and distribute entertainment content on the Web.
Privately funded, GiantHeads has leased office space in Boston and in San Francisco. Dilworth is aggressively recruiting on both coasts, he said, and plans offices in London and Los Angeles.
The company name is not intended as a play on ego; rather, it implies that a large head would contain a big brain.
Replacing Dilworth at Arnold is Penny Baldwin, former svp and group account director at McCann-Erickson in San Francisco. She met Dilworth more than a year ago after spearheading McCann’s winning pitch over Arnold for Silicon Graphics. At the time, Dilworth tried to recruit her to head up client services at Arnold but she declined.
Dilworth was named president last year after Arnold bought his agency, Rockpile Interactive, and merged it with a second acquisition, Ingalls Moranville. When Arnold parent Snyder Communications spun off its interactive holdings into Circle.com, Dilworth became evp and general manager in San Francisco. At that juncture, he contacted Baldwin about replacing him as president, he said.
Dilworth believes a new form of advertising will blossom from the promotional-style entertainment messages he seeks to create and distribute. He cited as an example the Web’s infamous “dancing baby.” “The challenge is how do you attach an advertising message to something like a dancing baby without ruining its originality,” he said. “That’s really what we’re trying to solve.”