Digitas Investor Distributes Stake to Partners

NEW YORK Hellman & Friedman Capital Partners III, a one-time 45 percent stakeholder in Digitas, has distributed its remaining 9.8 million shares of common stock in the interactive shop to its partners and limited partners.

The private equity investment company, which initially invested $100 million in Digitas in 1999, divested itself of 16.7 million of its more than 26 million shares in the Boston-based independent agency last summer, decreasing its stake to about 16.5 percent [IQ Daily Briefing, Aug. 5, 2003].

Digitas shares (DTAS) were closed today on the Nasdaq at $10.56, up 5 cents or a half percent. The stock’s 52-week high is $13.24; its low, $2.99.