A Different Cloth

Call it a banner war.

Some creatives at Margeotes|Fertitta + Partners in New York were walking down Manhattan’s Lafayette Street—where the shop is headquartered—several months ago when they noticed the prevalence of banners on various buildings along the street. There, the Public Theater, New York University, the restaurant Serafina and Barnes & Noble all sport cloth signs hanging from flagpoles.

“It’s like banner row,” said Margeotes associate creative director Dan Cohen. “And we were like, ‘We’ve got to get in on the action.’ “

Cohen and fellow acd Susan Bolkin noticed there was an empty flagpole on their building, and voilà—on Sept. 15, up came a blue banner with white letters proclaiming, “We had banner envy.” Margeotes’ logo is in one corner.

The shop plans to change banners every few weeks. “It’s going to be very random,” said Bolkin. “We’ll involve the whole agency, and anybody who comes up with a banner, gets the banner.”

New banners may address neighborhood issues, noted Cohen. “There’s a funky smell on Lafayette,” he said. “We may make some comment about that.”

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