Diet Coke Goes to the Movies

NEW YORK Two Foote, Cone & Belding ads for Diet Coke and one for Diet Coke with Lemon begin breaking tomorrow during TNT’s “Diet Coke Movie Fest” and continue the tagline, “Do what feels good.”

The first spot from the New York agency, “Movie Theater,” will run in 45- and 30-second versions and features a man and a woman watching Casablanca. The woman begins to mouth the lines of the movie, and the man moves closer and begins to do the same thing. They then get up and dance, mirroring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman onscreen.

In the 30-second “Hotel Guest,” a man enters a hotel room, strips to his shorts, drinks a Diet Coke and suddenly dives off the balcony. The next shot reveals that he is jumping into the hotel pool. At the end of both spots, the outlines of the characters fill with the Diet Coke logo.

In the 15-second “Staring Contest,” a couple make puckering faces at each other due to the taste of Diet Coke with Lemon, then burst out laughing.

The ads will run during the “Diet Coke Movie Fest,” which spans eight weekends on TNT between April and September. Diet Coke spots will appear before and after each film. Movies include The Thomas Crown Affair, Grease, Rocky and Field of Dreams, among others.

The spots will also run on TBS and will be available for local use by bottlers.