Dieste Intros TV For Pro Soccer

Dieste & Partners here has launched its first work for Major League Soccer since landing the client’s combined general market and Hispanic accounts in January.
Three 30-second television spots have begun airing on national network and Spanish-language stations. Five other ads will be added to the rotation during the season.
Combined spending could reach $6 million, with funds generated from a mix of league and team dollars.
The commercials will also air in spot markets as the league moves away from a national branding campaign and begins focusing on localized co-op efforts in 12 cities.
“Our approach was to focus on what soccer really means to its fans–what makes it great,” said Dieste managing partner Warren Harmel.
The shop’s commercials feature game footage illustrating the showmanship of various players. One spot, set to music by Mozart, highlights the tendency of players to take a dive to draw a penalty. The commercial ends with the statement, “Acting classes. Every week.”
Another spot, edited to bump-and-grind music, shows players stripping off their shirts after scoring goals. All of the ads continue to use the “This stuff kicks” tag created by McCann-Erickson in New York, the former incumbent on the general market portion of the business.
In a review launched last year for the client’s new Hispanic account, Dieste edged out fellow finalist Castor Advertising of New York and was awarded an unexpected bonus: McCann’s general market chores.
The new ads–and the increased focus on local markets–come on the heels of the 1997 MLS season, which saw attendance drop 10-15 percent.