Dieste Forms Online Shop

Samba Interactive Will Serve Hispanic Community
DALLAS-Dieste & Partners last week formed a new online ad agency, Samba Interactive, that will cater to the fledgling Latino Web marketing category.
Agency president and chief executive officer Tony Dieste said the shop is the first of its kind, dealing directly with Spanish-language online marketing. Samba will deliver online strategies, site measuring standards and other Web services for clients in the U.S. and Latin America.
Dieste said the freestanding unit of his Dallas shop was established to take advantage of the growing use of the Internet by Latinos. He cited a report by Internet specialist Forrester Research noting that 36 percent of U.S. Hispanics are online; 43 percent are expected to be online by 2000.
Dieste said the need for companies to advertise online directly to U.S. Hispanics, especially those already involved in television, print and radio, is obvious. “I think the opportunity is greater because the Internet is so targetable,” he said.
He said the potential for increased Web surfing by Hispanic consumers is great, pointing to the introduction of new major portals such as StarMedia.com (which went public last week) and YUPI.com.
Dieste likened the growth of Spanish-language Internet sites to the success of cellular phone service in Mexico. The poor performance of land-based telecommunications services in Mexico led to a higher per capita usage rate than in the U.S., he said. Similarly, he believes the dearth of Spanish-language choices in American media, compared to general market offerings, may pave the way for a special Web niche attachment from the Hispanic population.
Samba will be housed within Dieste & Partners, but the agency’s management expects the unit to eventually operate as a freestanding profit center. Initial assignments involve several Dieste roster clients, including Hyundai. The interactive group will also maintain its own Web site, which is not yet in operation.